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Home Security

Introduction - none of us wants to make a claim from our Homeowner Insurance policy and we all want to feel safe in our Home. Good security can assist to obtaining a cheaper home insurance owner quote. Burglars are always looking for the soft option, if you home has additional security measures, the chances are they will move on and target someone else's home. Keep your

Home Brightly Lit - A well lit home will deter burglars. They are much more comfortable in darkness and a home that has been unlit for a while could alert a burglar to the fact that you may be away on vacation or business. You can buy light timers quite cheaply and these will help to give your home a lived in feel. For the outside of your home you can easily install motion sensors, these will make it much harder for someone to break in to your home unseen.

Quality Locks/Security System- Quality deadlocks fitted to your home will make it much harder for a burglar to break in to your property. A burglar alarm will also help to deter a would be thief but remember, good physical security is the best option to preventing Theft. if you do fit either to your home , advertise the fact by putting stickers on your window.

Don't display high value items - Don't tempt fate by leaving high value items on display where they can be seen through a window for example. Try to keep valuables out of site especially if you will be away for a time. Remember as well that Trees & Shrubs close to your home can provide a burglar with good cover.

Keep your valuables Safe - Keep your valuable belongings (jewellery, watches and valuable papers etc) out of sight. if you have a safe try to get in to the habit of using it. If you have items of a very high value, you may consider keeping them away from the property at a bank.  Keep an Accurate Inventory of Valuables. Keep a note of the serial numbers of your possessions, this ,ay help with their recovery in the event they are stolen. Also keep an inventory of all of your possessions as this may assist you making a claim. Consider stamping an identifying mark on to your property, this will make it less attractive to steal.

Neighbours - a trusted neighbour can store valuable items for you when you are away and can keep a check on your home by visiting on a regular basis and opening/closing curtains etc. Make sure you tell them to collect your mail etc and a build up can alert would be thieves to your absence.


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